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Competitor Price Monitoring

Web scraping competitors' prices will allow you to build price strategy according to the current market situation and maximize your income.
Competitor prices

Monitor prices on competitors' websites and marketplaces and offer the best deal to your customers.

Reseller prices

If you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler, we can help you track dumping and identify general market trends.

Competitor Analysis

Collect information about the range of your competitors and use it to improve your offer.

Position your products and services based on your competitive environment.

Share of shelf

Determine the share of competitors' shelves, the representation of products, manufacturers and their prices and identify opportunities for growth.

Demand Analysis

Identify the demand for products, sales volumes and the dynamics how customers preferences change.

Collect information on competitors' websites, on marketplaces and understand what product you need to invest in and find upward trends.

Reputation analysis

Study reviews of your products and services. Find brand mentions and build a reputation.

Additionally we offer

Web scraping services

We can collect data from any site.
You can use this data for for machine learning.
We can collect contact data or product characteristics, announcements, schedules, forecasts, texts, SEO data or any other that is needed.
In fact we can scrape any publicly available information according to your business goals.

Data cleansing services:

We bring the collected information into clean data for further analysis.
We remove duplicated records, empty values and unnecessary variables.
Anything that is superfluous or affects the quality of the analysis.

Data connection to BI services:

We will help you to connect all the data that we scraped to visualization and analytics systems.
Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI, Yandex DataLens and others.

What our customers are saying

Our web scraping process

  • 1
    Info about the project

    Send us sites for scraping
    and the data that you need,
    the frequency of delivery, final format.

  • 2
    Scraper development and collection of data

    We study targeted sites,
    develop scraper and launch data collection
    with the required frequency.

  • 3
    Data Delivery

    We transfer final data through the cloud,
    API or directly to file
    on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does web scraping cost?

We do not give a fixed price for work, because each project is individual and the cost of setting depends on many parameters, such as the number of sites for parsing, the number of records (goods), the complexity of the target site, the frequency of information collection, etc.


What does this mean for you?


We do not scrape everything, which means you will receive a personalized custom service that solves your problem. Custom does not mean more expensive, tell us about your tasks and we will make you a good offer.

Which information do you scrape from the sites?

We scrape any data that any unregistered user of the site sees on the page – prices for goods, names of goods, everything that is in the public domain. Separately, we should note that we do not collect sensitive confidential information, do not collect personal data of the users.

In what format do you deliver the final result? And where can you download them?

We deliver in the most popular formats are tabular, excel or csv. In addition, the data can be converted into another format convenient for you.

There are several data transfer options:
– Connect a network drive and work with files in a familiar interface;
– Access to the cloud, from where you can download files yourself;
– Download data directly into the BI analytics and visualization system.

The current versions of the files are uploaded at the required frequency.

Is web scraping legal ?

Yes, in our company, web scraping does not imply illegal actions – collection of copyrighted content, unauthorized access. At the same time, our collection algorithms do not overload targeted sites and do not create any difficulties for the business.

How do you accept payments?

We accept payments with wire transfer.

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